African Bad Gyals

African- African/African-Descent

Bad- Powerful, Fierce

Gyals- Afro-Caribbean way of saying girls


The industry of promoting African/African Descent women is on the rise and it is becoming more and more of a trend. With the rise of the Me-Too Movement, Black Lives Matter, and the quick rise of Black owned Businesses, page’s like mine are increasing exponentially to meet the demand of platforms to help support, encourage, and promote their businesses. These platforms are either promoting their beauty, news, entertainment, or businesses. I on the other hand incorporate all of these categories into one page. I have a business that targets empowering women of African-African Descent and their businesses through promotions but that is not all. My page also encompasses the culture of these women. Each day I post different content related to African/African Descent women whether it being a motivational speech, dance, music, an educational story, news, or a question for my community to engage and discuss amongst one another to foster a family within my page. I also promote Urban DiverCity through African Bad Gyals page as merch and to further back my overall mission.

Mission: African Bad Gyals is a social media platform with the purpose of fostering a society that acknowledges the beauty and power of, as well as promote businesses owned by, African women and women of African descent.